In the dream Revelation13:3 was unfolding. I was riding on a bus to a certain location, and a scene began to unfold before my eyes: I saw a banner of a certain Asian Prime Minister who held office somewhere in the eastern nations. He appeared to be of Chinese descent except his skin tone was quite a bit darker. I recognized his name as being an east Indian name that I was familiar with, but it quickly faded away from my memory. It was a sunny day, and I began to see a scene unfold before me as the bus was passing a crowd of people also from Asia.They were weeping and seemed to be crying after this prime minister who was just leaving the site as a passenger in a tanned colour car. As I was seeing this, a picture was passing before my eyes like a movie to explain the recent history of this man. He was outdoors and giving a speech when he was assassinated. He was taken away to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, then miraculously at some point he came back to life and was healed from the wound. Then the picture went away. As I watched the crowd, I knew that some of the people in the streets were professing Christians until very recently. They were standing in the crowd who was crying because they were deceived and believed this prime minister was god himself. Suddenly I was not in the bus anymore but standing right beside a person who was being interviewed by the news media. They asked her what her thoughts were about this man, and she responded enthusiastically, “He is god!” I knew many others responded the same way. He appeared to them to be a very benevolent leader because the people’s food sources ran out and he was the one who fed them. I was back on the bus and soon I arrived at my destination. I entered an empty house where a minister and his wife had just moved in, and there was a knock at the door and it was a man in rags asking for something, like money, or drugs (I didn’t hear). the minister kindly sent him away And turned to me and began to share about the previous owner saying, “The previous owner was a preacher but he would preach out of the wrong spirit and drew the wrong people into the house” He shook his head and said, “can you imagine that something like that can happen?” 
As the dream was finishing up the scene changed and I suddenly found myself alone in this minister’s empty house and there was a knock on the door. I answered and It was the people of Asian descent, and they began to plead with me saying “please take some food, all you have to do is say Prime Minister So and So is my god!” They were clearly concerned about everybody’s health and brokenhearted when they saw people refusing to eat. I gently refused, closed the door and as I walked away I became very sober about the situation and what I was faced with. I suddenly became aware that the future of my life was to starve, or deny Jesus Christ. As I was pondering this situation and how hard things had become, and what my future was, I began to feel how the atmosphere around me was charged with deep deception.  I felt like the word of God was fading from my memory and I began to feel blind. I thought to myself, I just need the Bible and I  will be stronger. but then I became aware that there were no bibles anywhere in the land!
When I woke up from the dream I heard God say very clearly,

Get the word in you!