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How many beats per minute does your heart beat?

One day while I was sitting down I timed my heart rate.
My heart was beating almost exactly one beat per second. That is 60 beats per minute representing one whole minute of my entire life!

I ask myself and others: how will we spend that one minute God has given to us as a gift?

Will we spend it in anger, or bitterness?
Will we utter unkind words?

Or will we share a moment of kindness with one another, and tell them how valuable they are?

How will we use that minute?

Will we honor God?
Will we obey His word?
Will we love Him with everything that is within us?

Because how we love God will reflect in the way we love one another!

When God sent His Son to die on our behalf so that we can enter into Heaven, He was declaring how extreemly valuable each and everyone of us is to Him!

We must do what pleases God and place that same value on other people.

The discisions that we make today about how we will walk with God will transform our lives for tomorrow one way or another, for Good or for bad!

We must choose to follow God’s heart, and use our time wisely.