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Behold, I Come Quickly

Behold, I Come Quickly

Can you Hear it?

Can you hear it? It is the echo that has reverberated through the ages since the day Adam stepped into the darkness and caused the entire human race to stumble. It is the echo that has cried out with every tick of the second hand, click of the minute hand, and the deep bellowing as another hour has passed.

The ticking of the clock is the heartbeat of God, yearning for His creation to come back to Him; Longing for everything to be back to the way things once were: love, joy, peace, and righteousness! Every heartbeat of God is crying out like the blast of the shofar saying Come to Me! “Come to Me! Come to me! And I will rescue you and give you rest!” The Scroll is rolling up like the curtain closes after a show, The Clock is about to strike midnight! Are you ready? He is about to return!

Original – Acrylic on Canvas

Size – 31.5 x 39.5

Price – $23.89 – $674.49

Size – $23.89 – $674.49

image of behold, I come quickly by heather dunaway

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