Creative writing piece about revival from a hindsight perspective – MII Bible Institute 2016-2017.

A number of years earlier after much travailing in prayer, a mighty move of God swept over Edmonton that brought great repentance and healing to the people’s lives. God brought in a new, very Godly mayor to run the city. Evil was exposed and everything came to the light and wealth increased. God transformed Edmonton into a city of God. One would maybe expect that this city has huge developments and big gorgeous structures to demonstrate how much God has blessed us… well, there are some big buildings that were built before the mayor stepped into office. Also, we do have a few big churches since the people all decided to follow Jesus instead of being divided by religion and several small churches. Other than that, we don’t have many huge structures and it is way better that way! The mayor had a burning desire in his heart to use the finances in a way that would honor God, so instead, he put some of the wealth towards providing homes for the homeless and created more jobs for everybody according to their ability with decent pay. He is so faithful about stewarding the city’s finances that the city’s debt is now nonexistent. Because of this, we are able to help other cities to get on their feet and one thing really cool thing we are discovering about this is, as we help other cities, revival breaks out there as well! Another neat thing that has happened is the unused churches have now become a place of refuge for those who have had to run from hard situations, and even other cities. They are set up in a way that helps restore people’s lives. Thinking back to when the revival first ignited, it was so amazing! Every person was healed in their emotions, minds, and bodies. Drug addicts were healed and set free. I mean they were totally restored! So much so that it is like every tragic thing that had ever happened to them was healed. You would never guess what their lives used to be like! Now, what used to be a crime-infested city and a city that had one of the highest homeless rates has almost completely no crime or homelessness whatsoever! And everybody is genuinely happy! I mean, you walk down the street, and people are always so friendly and greeting each other with God bless you, and shalom and loads of smiles! Often times I see groups gathered together on the street weeping and praying for other cities. Other times I see people walking up to total strangers and asking if they can pray with them. People greet one another like they have been best friends since childhood! In this city, we are not just citizens of a city; we call each other neighbors, even if we live on opposite ends of Edmonton. God is so amazing! Now it’s like you don’t even have to lock your doors! There is no crime! We have had some people who were steeped in the occult try to come into the city to try and destroy the move of God, but they didn’t really get very far. About 150 miles away from the City limits, they felt the presence of God so strong that they had to pull their car over, repent, and give their lives to Jesus. They then proceeded into Edmonton and testified that Sunday about their experience. Everybody cheered, “God is so amazing!” All surrounding areas are now experiencing the same thing as we are. Peace River and surrounding areas are now in the move, and I heard just recently that it swept over Grand Prairie and soon it will probably flood over the border into BC. The work that God did in our city is so profound that we (and now many more cities) have become an example to the rest of Canada, and even the world about what happens when Jesus Christ has a city!

Let’s continue to travail in prayer until God has the whole nation!

By Heather Dunaway