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 About The Shofar

I titled this webpage “The Shofar” because in the Bible a shofar represents a voice.

It represents the voice of an alarm sounding,

the voice which announces the times and seasons of the Lord,

the voice declaring the time of Jesus’ soon return,

and the voice of the Lord God Himself.

I wanted this website to be just that:

A voice: 

A voice to express the things I felt God had placed on my heart, to share with you.

My Paintings Help End Poverty!

On January 22, 2021, I had a dream.

In the dream I was in a beautiful banquet hall which was decorated all in white. White sheer material warmly streamed across the ceilings from corner to the corner. Splashes of pastel pinks subtly appeared from behind.

The sun softly lit the room through the long colonial windows where white hanging planters were elegantly displaying its vibrant greenery. 

In the center of the room, I, and  a couple other people were sitting on one end of a long banqueting table which was covered only with white plastic tablecloth.

Soon a waiter walked toward me and served my dinner. As he set it down in front of me I saw that it consisted

of only one single lettuce  leaf. Immediately, I was flooded with grief as I became suddenly aware of the many people around the

world who are fortunate if they only have one tiny meal a week. Some don’t even receive that much. I broke down and wept. The

two people who were sitting with me looked at me quizzically. I explained in tears saying “this is more food than many people have to eat in a week!” I felt strongly that I had to do my best to gather as much funds as I could to help these desperate people!

One of the people who were sitting at the table asked compassionately. ” Would you like me to give you some money for the cause?” And I answered in tears, “yes please!” As soon as I said “yes please” another waiter came by with a plate full of vegetables and set it before me.

That was the end of the dream.  

After the dream, I pondered about what I already had in my hand that I could use to fund poverty-stricken communities around the world. I thought of my website.

I decided that every piece of artwork which is purchased, a portion will go towards supporting poverty stricken areas!

Thank you for caring for the poor.

Sincerely, Heather Dunaway

About Heather Dunaway

Heather Dunaway was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and was adopted by

two amazing and loving parents. Early on in childhood, it was evident that

artwork would be a part of her life forever.

At the age of sixteen on Christmas day, she was given her first set of oil paints.

Consequently, her creativity took off to a whole new level. She started out by

painting landscapes from photos that were captured from family vacations.

Eventually her paintings evolved into sharing the deep places of her heart

with symbolism amalgamated in.

This site is developed for Heather Dunaway, artist. You can also directly purchase her work at PageMasterPublishing